Apryl Benefits Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions (Member)

Welcome to Apryl. We are happy that your employer is giving you the opportunity to use our Apryl Benefits. Most of our services are provided through our Member Portal. In the following we provide information on what you need to be aware of in this regard. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@apryl.co. 

1. Scope of application; eligibility; conclusion of the user agreement

1.1 The following terms and conditions (hereinafter “T&Cs”) shall apply between Apryl GmbH, Dircksenstraße  47, 10178 Berlin (e-mail: info@apryl.co, hereinafter „Apryl“) and all eligible employees of Apryl’s partner companies like your employer  (hereinafter “Employer”) for the use of Apryl’s services with the purpose of planning individual fertility and family-forming treatments (hereinafter “Apryl Benefits”), which are made available mainly within a web-based platform at https://member.apryl.co/ (hereinafter “Member Portal”).

1.2 In the following, eligible employees will be referred to as “Aspiring Members” or “Eligible Members”. Eligible Members receive a budget from their Employer for the use of Service Providers’ services in the scope of these T&Cs (hereinafter “Budget”, for eligible services see section 2.1 of these T&Cs). The requirements for qualification as Aspiring or Eligible Member depend on the respective contract between Apryl and the Employer. If the Employer does not (currently) provide a Budget, all eligible employees are hereafter referred to as Aspiring Members.  Where the Employer provides a Budget to Eligible Members, the respective status as Aspiring Member or Eligible Member is communicated for the first time during the registration process and can be checked at any time via the Member Portal. 

1.3 Unless otherwise stated in these T&Cs, the Apryl Benefits described in section 2 can also be accessed by the respective partners of the Aspiring Members and Eligible Members. Partners within the scope of these T&Cs are persons who fulfill the following requirements (hereinafter “Partners”):

  • Partners of Aspiring Members and Eligible Members are persons who have a life partnership with the respective Aspiring Member or Eligible Member. 
  • To  be able to take advantage of the Apryl Benefits, the Partner must be included in Apryl’s program. For this purpose, the Apryl Partner Agreement has to be filled out and signed by the Partner and the Eligible Member or an officially issued and currently valid marriage certificate has to be provided to Apryl by the Partner. However, the respective Employer will not be informed of this. A change of Partner within the meaning of these T&Cs can be declared to Apryl every twelve (12) months by submitting a new Partner Agreement.

1.4 Conclusion of the User Agreement: In order to be able to use the Apryl Benefits, Aspiring Members and Eligible Members have to confirm being aware of the applicability of these T&Cs and create a user profile using their work e-mail address and by specifying a secure password that must consist of at least twelve (12) characters (hereinafter “Member Account”). By doing so, the respective Aspiring Member or Eligible Member enters into a contract with Apryl for the use of the Apryl Benefits including the Member Portal (hereinafter “User Agreement”)

2. Content and scope of the Apryl Benefits and the Member Portal; change of services

2.1 Apryl guides Aspiring Members and Eligible Members and their Partners in planning individual fertility and family-forming treatments, informs them about services offered by fertility clinics, adoption agencies and other service providers offering corresponding services and/or products (collectively “Service Providers”) and assists them in communicating with the respective Service Providers and in organizational matters. Apryl does not itself provide medical treatment, care, diagnosis and/or other health counseling, but informs Aspiring Members and Eligible Members and their Partners in a neutral manner, so that they always decide on their own which services from Service Providers they would like to use. Aspiring Members and Eligible Members receive the “Apryl Members Benefits Guide” from their Employer (hereinafter “Benefits Guide”), which contains, among other things, more detailed information on the eligible Service Providers. Medical and/or health-related questions should always be addressed to medical professionals

2.2 The following section applies only where the Employer provides a Budget to Eligible Members: The Benefits Guide also includes information on the services for which Eligible Members may seek reimbursement within the framework of the Apryl Benefits (hereinafter “Eligible Services”) and on how the reimbursement will be granted (see also section 3.2. of these T&Cs). The Budget provided by the Employer may be considered additional income and therefore may constitute a taxable benefit. This may affect the amount of an Eligible Member’s income reported on their tax return at the end of the year and generate a tax liability that each Eligible Member should take into account.

2.3 Member Portal: The Member Portal intended to be used exclusively by Aspiring Members and Eligible Members contains in particular the following contents and functions: 

  1. a personalised Member Account per Aspiring Member and Eligible Member, including where applicable the amount of the Budget (still) available to an respective Eligible Member,
  2. information on fertility and family-forming treatments as well as corresponding services and products,
  3. an online booking platform for arranging free, individual counseling sessions with the Apryl Care Team according to availability.

Change of service: Apryl is not obliged to provide certain functionalities or a certain appearance of the Member Portal beyond the aforementioned content and basic functions, but may design and continuously redesign it at its own discretion. In doing so, Apryl shall take into account the legitimate interests of Aspiring Members and Eligible Members in each case.

Content of the Member Portal: All product information and/or other information published on the Member Portal is compiled by Apryl GmbH to the best of our knowledge and belief. We endeavor to keep the published information up to date. However, the published information does not claim to be complete and does not release the Aspiring and/or Eligible Member from conducting their own investigations and tests. We do not guarantee that the information published is complete, correct or up-to-date. The information is also not suitable for making independent diagnoses or basing your own treatments on them. Both should be left to a doctor.

2.4 Free of charge: The use of the Apryl Benefits and the Member Portal is free of charge for Aspiring Members and Eligible Members. This does not apply to the services of the Service Providers utilized. In this respect, section 3.2. applies.

3. Obligations when using Apryl Benefits

3.1 General obligation when providing information: Aspiring Members and Eligible Members undertake to only provide Apryl with information (a) which exclusively concerns them or (b) – if information (also) concerns Partners and/or other third parties – which the respective Aspiring Member or Eligible Member has been authorised to disclose by the third parties concerned in each case. 

3.2 Requirements for Eligible Members regarding the use of the Budget:

Before initiating the reimbursement process as described below Apryl may ask the Eligible Member to book a consultation in this regard. It is in Apryl´s sole discretion to decide whether a consultation before initiating the reimbursement process is obligatory or not. 

(1) Advance payments: Eligible Services must first be paid in advance by Eligible Members in their own name or that of the respective Partner. 

(2) Verification: The respective costs must then be documented to Apryl via the  Member Portal by submitting the corresponding invoice from the Service Provider and/or other documents that clearly show the eligible services provided. The verification must be made within sixty (60) days from the respective service provision or – when purchasing products – from the date of invoicing. This shall not apply if, prior to the expiry of the sixty (60) days, the Eligible Member’s period of employment has ended and/or the User Agreement ends for other reasons pursuant to sections 5 and 6. In this case, the verification must be provided before the end of the employment and/or the User Agreement. Verification provided at a later date can no longer be taken into account for reimbursement by the Employer. 

(3) Notifications from the health insurance company: In addition, any notifications from the health insurance company of Eligible Members and/or their Partners concerning the coverage or refusal of coverage of the respective Service Provider’s costs must be communicated to Apryl via the Member Portal.    

(4) No other reimbursement: The use of the Budget depends always on the fact that the costs for the Eligible Services have not already been or will not be reimbursed by other means. Should an Eligible Member and/or their Partner receive payment for costs already reimbursed or still to be reimbursed under Apryl Benefits, the Eligible Member undertakes to inform Apryl of this immediately, at the latest within fourteen (14) days of the reimbursement being made. If such other reimbursement takes place after payment of the (pro rata) Budget, the respective Eligible Member shall retrospectively lose its payment claim against its Employer in the corresponding amount. Apryl will then inform the respective Eligible Member whether, and if so, in what amount the Eligible Member must make repayments to their respective Employer or whether other compensation is possible. 

(5) Obligation in the event of disputes with the Service Provider: If a Service Provider’s performance and/or its costs are legally challenged by an Eligible Member and/or their Partner against the respective Service Provider, the Eligible Member shall inform Apryl of this without delay, at the latest within fourteen (14)  of the notification to the Service Provider, and of the outcome of the dispute. In the case of reimbursements, section 3.2. (4) shall apply accordingly. 

(6) Obligation to provide truthful information: Only truthful information and verification (see section 3.2. (2)) may be provided. Apryl points out that in the event of a breach of this obligation to provide truthful information, the respective Eligible Member loses their entitlement to reimbursement within the scope of the Budget towards their Employer and payments already made can be reclaimed by the respective Employer. The same applies in the case of a breach by Partners. Furthermore, such a breach may trigger claims for damages by Apryl and/or the respective Employer and/or be subject to criminal prosecution. Apryl reserves the right to disable access to the Member Portal for the respective Eligible Member for the period of time until the suspicion of such a violation is rebutted.

3.3 Special obligations when using the Member Portal; rights of use

(1) Access data used within the context of the Member Account, including the password, must be kept secret and must not be made accessible to unauthorised third parties. Aspiring Members and Eligible Members may also not provide unauthorised third parties with access to the Member Portal in any other way. If there is a suspicion that third parties have accessed and/or will access the Member Account, the concerned Aspiring Member or Eligible Member shall inform Apryl of this and change the password immediately.

(2) Aspiring Members and Eligible Members shall be granted the non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable right, limited to the duration of the User Agreement, to use the content and functions offered on the Member Portal exclusively for private and non-commercial purposes. Unauthorised use includes, in particular, the commercial dissemination as well as public distribution and/or other public display – in particular via social media – of the contents offered on the Member Portal as well as of excerpts or parts of these contents. 

(3) Aspiring Members and Eligible Members shall use the Member Portal in a manner that does not impair, overload or damage it and does not jeopardise or circumvent the purpose pursued with the functions and content of the Member Portal. They will not circumvent or alter Apryl’s security measures, either themselves or through third parties. They shall not misuse the Member Portal, in particular by knowingly introducing viruses, Trojans, worms, logic bombs or other material that is malicious or technologically harmful. They must not gain unauthorised access to the server on which the Member Portal is stored or to any server, computer or database connected to the Member Portal, including attempting to do so. Aspiring Members and Eligible Members must not attack the Member Portal via a denial of service attack or a distributed denial of service attack. 

4. Liability 

4.1 With the exception of unlimited liability under the Product Liability Act and due to injury to life, limb or health and in the case of intent and negligence, Apryl’s liability is limited as follows: 

4.2 In case of negligence, Apryl’s liability is limited to compensation for the typical foreseeable damage within the scope of this User Agreement, the occurrence of which Apryl had to expect at the time of conclusion of the User Agreement due to the circumstances known at that time. In the case of slight negligence, however, Apryl is only liable if Apryl has breached an obligation which endangers the purpose of the User Agreement or the fulfillment of which makes the proper execution of this User Agreement possible in the first place and on the observance of which Aspiring Members and/or Eligible Members and/or their Partners may rely.

4.3 Apryl shall also not be liable for malfunctions of the Member Portal as a result of data transmission on the internet for which Apryl is not responsible and which impede or prevent the use of internet-based services.

4.4 The limitations stated in the above sections 4.1 till 4.3 also apply in favor of Apryl’s legal representatives and vicarious agents if claims are asserted directly against them.

4.5 The responsibility for the medical treatment of Aspiring Members and Eligible Members and/or their Partners is borne exclusively by the respective Service Provider and/or the responsible persons as well as any vicarious agents commissioned by the Service Provider. Apryl is not involved in the treatment of the Service Providers. The same applies to other services and/or products provided by Service Providers. 

5. Term of contract; loss of entitlement to benefits

5.1 The duration of this User Agreement shall be indefinite, but dependent in terms of time on (1) the start and end date of employment of each Aspiring Member and Eligible Member as communicated by the respective Employer, which cannot be influenced by Apryl, and (2) the duration of the cooperation agreement between Apryl and the respective Employer (“Cooperation Agreement”), the end of which the Employer will inform the respective Aspiring Members and Eligible Members about. After the end of an Aspiring Member’s or Eligible Member’s employment and/or after the end of the Cooperation Agreement’s contract term, the Aspiring Members and Eligible Members concerned can no longer access the Member Portal.

5.2 The following section applies only where the Employer provides a Budget to Eligible Members: Eligible Members may claim reimbursement of Eligible Services (1) as long as (a) the provision of the service, (b) the time of purchase of a product and/or (c) – in the case of advance payments for cryopreservation (storage costs) – the invoicing takes place before the end of their employment and the status as Eligible Members and/or prior to the end of the Cooperation Agreement’s contract term and (2) the verification pursuant to section 3.2 (2) is provided in due time.

6. Termination

6.1 Aspiring Members’ and Eligible Members’ right of termination: Aspiring Members and Eligible Members may terminate the User Agreement vis-à-vis Apryl at any time by deleting their respective Member Account. In this case, Apryl’s obligation to perform under these T&Cs and the respective Eligible Member’s claim of reimbursement for Eligible Services vis-à-vis the respective Employer shall also be void.  

6.2 Apryl’s right to terminate for cause: Apryl may terminate the User Agreement for good cause, in particular if an obligation under these T&Cs has been breached by the Aspiring Member or Eligible Member and (a) the breach of obligation has not been remedied even after the expiry of a deadline set for remedial action or after an unsuccessful warning or (b) Apryl can no longer reasonably be expected to adhere to the User Agreement considering the interests of both parties.

7. Processing of personal data; data protection

Apryl processes personal data of Aspiring Members and Eligible Members and/or their Partners in the context of the Apryl Benefits as applicable. Apryl provides information on this and on data protection in general in its privacy policy via https://apryl.co/privacy-policy/. 

8. Miscellaneous

8.1 Contractual language: The contractual language shall be English. Communication between the contracting parties shall be in German or English.

8.2 Contract text: Aspiring Members and Eligible Members may download and store the current version of these T&Cs at any time at https://apryl.co/terms-members/. For evidence purposes, Apryl also stores the respective contract text, which can be transmitted to Aspiring Members and Eligible Members upon request at Apryl.

8.3 Amendments to these T&Cs: Apryl may propose an amendment to these T&Cs to Aspiring Members and Eligible Members at any time if this is necessary to adapt to changing circumstances beyond Apryl’s control (in particular legislative changes and difficulties in the execution of the User Agreement that were unforeseeable at the time the agreement was concluded) and if the amendment is reasonable for Aspiring Members and/or Eligible Members. Amendments to these T&Cs shall be offered to Aspiring Members and Eligible Members in text form (e.g. by e-mail) no later than thirty (30) days before their proposed effective date. Aspiring Members and/or Eligible Members shall be deemed to have given their approval if they do not notify Apryl in text form of their rejection prior to the proposed date of entry into force of the amendments. If Aspiring Members and Eligible Members do not agree with the changes, they may exercise their right to terminate the User Agreement at any time until the proposed date of the changes taking effect (section 6.1). In Apryl’s message with which the changes are offered, Apryl shall also specifically point out to Aspiring Members and Eligible Members once again the right of rejection, the period for this and the possibility of termination. The amended T&Cs shall be published at https://apryl.co/terms-members/. In case an Aspiring Member or Eligible Member declares their rejection to the changes in due time and if it is no longer reasonable for Apryl to continue the User Agreement with the respective Aspiring Member or Eligible Member on the basis of the previous T&Cs, Apryl shall have the right to terminate the contract for good cause according to section 6.2.

8.4 Applicable law: The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply insofar as the protection granted is not deprived by mandatory provisions of the law of the state in which the respective Aspiring Member and/or Eligible Member and/or their Partner has their habitual residence.

Version: May 2023