We are your number one trusted partner in your journey to parenthood

Emotionally, financially and confidentially. No matter your gender, sexual orientation or relationship status — we are there for you.

We are your number one trusted partner in your journey to parenthood
Know your options

Know your options

The Apryl Member Portal — your one-stop shop for your journey

Personalised Knowledge Center

You will find personalised information based on your individual life situation

Apryl Navigator

Enables you to self-navigate through a wealth of treatment-related information (costs, legal overview and more)

Talk with your Member Care Expert

Your personal expert — always available, speaks your language and matches you with the right clinic

Find the right partner

Find the right partner

Curated marketplace

A comprehensive marketplace of fertility products and services, curated to support your path to parenthood, with exclusive offers from our providers

Comprehensive clinics directory

Access to a large network of partner clinics to get you the best support

Right to the clinic's entrance

We are committed to assisting you through the entire process, including appointment booking and reaching the chosen clinic

Simple reimbursement

Simple reimbursement

Request reimbursement

If reimbursement of treatment costs is covered by your employer, upload the invoices for your treatment costs


No treatment details will ever reach your employer

Hassle-free processing

We will review everything and will let your employer know — you do not have to do anything

Your money will get reimbursed via your payroll by your employer

We help you on the profound journey of family building

What our members think of us

Very friendly, easy to talk to, knowledgeable group! I was extremely satisfied with my initial consultation with Apryl. I spoke to a woman, Lisa, who answered all my questions thoroughly, explained everything super well and detailed, and listened carefully to all my concerns. The session was not rushed and I felt Lisa really cared about me and gave me the time I needed to make sure I felt comfortable. I would recommend this service to anyone.

Apryl Member, Berlin

Based on the initial consultation, I got a very positive impression of the service. My consultant Rosa was very friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful in finding clinics and making an appointment. The member portal looks fantastic as well and is very easy to use.

Apryl Member, Zurich

My consultant was extremely knowledgable and helpful. With the information she provided me with, I felt very well equipped for my first appointments.

Apryl Member, Tel Aviv

Lisa was super helpful and understanding. It was so great to have someone independent of the clinic who could answer our questions and provide suggestions.

Apryl Member, London

Fantastic initiative and startup behind it! ...plus a great support from the Apryl team - ladies provided me with the best clinic and advice there is! Highly recommended! This is such a relevant thing to do for yourself and Apryl team is really supporting in the best possible way.

Apryl Member, Edinburgh

Your workforce. Our expertise.

Sometimes all you have to do is ask!

Not comfortable approaching your employer directly? Not a problem! Count on us to do it for you – with complete anonymity and discretion. Your name will never be mentioned.

Just fill out this form and we’ll reach out to your HR representative to discuss the value of fertility benefits for employees.

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