Support fertility in the workplace

With 1 in 7 couples requiring fertility treatment – and the struggles facing LGBTQI+ and single people – it’s more important than ever to support fertility in the workplace.

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How we help your employees

Apryl empowers pioneering employers to become a modern, inclusive workforce by making fertility accessible to all genders, sexualities and relationship statuses.

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Unlimited consultations on choosing the right clinic and treatment

Preliminary fertility assessments and testing

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Financial and emotional support through the fertility journey

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Coverage for treatments and medication

Why you need Apryl

Fertility benefits don’t just support your employees to start a family. They also help you to attract and retain the best talent in your industry.

68% for companies Apryl

of employees would consider changing their job to receive fertility benefits

of people going through fertility treatment feel unsupported in the workplace

70% apryl

of millennials would seek another job if their current role didn’t provide fertility benefits

of employees have considered leaving their job whilst going through treatment

Source: HR News (2022)

The value of fertility benefits for employers

Become a talent magnet

Introducing fertility benefits demonstrates that you understand the needs of the modern workforce, making you a desired place to work for.

Retain top-notch leaders

Working for inclusive and supportive companies makes employees feel valued and appreciated – an environment that makes them stay longer.

Empower diversity & inclusion

The benefits support those at a disadvantage, often times women and the LGBTQI+ community. They help to become an inclusive workplace and create a positive impact.

Create a family-friendly workplace for all

Supporting your staff on their path to parenthood sets a clear sign that they will never have to choose between family and career.

Boost productivity & engagement

Caring about the health and wellbeing of your employees reduces stress and absenteeism. Motivated employees achieve more, keeping you ahead of competitors.

Make the difference, be unique

Move away from fruit baskets and kicker tables and provide benefits that really matter. Become a role model for progressive companies.

How it works for companies

Super simple 

Customised implementation support for you and your employees including templates, FAQs, webinars and workshops.

Employee management

Manage eligibility and give employees the support they deserve (without asking personal questions) through your confidential dashboard.

Valuable insights

Access anonymised employee and cost data in realtime plus exclusive insights on employee satisfaction rates with regular survey results.

Find out how Apryl can change your company for the better

Let’s talk about how fertility and family forming benefits can transform your workplace today.

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