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We provide a customised fertility benefits solution for your business. The setup process is as simple as possible, and we ensure that you have the necessary materials to communicate the benefits to your employees, as well as the necessary infrastructure to enable seamless use of the platform. The client dashboard of our platform furthermore enables easy and confidential employee management, providing you with valuable anonymised insights into employee satisfaction rates and regular survey results. 

Fully tailored to what you want to offer to your employees, Apryl can support your people on their path to parenthood. Depending on the legal possibilities of every country, we can find the right partner for you – whether through IVF, adoption, egg/sperm freezing or surrogacy. Your employees can speak to an expert anywhere, anytime with complete privacy. Our experts dedicated to Member Care receive official and regular training on psycho-social implications of infertility and alternative family models. The Care Team is also trained to be aware of and adaptable to the potential religious, cultural, as well as language sensitivities that can be associated with fertility treatments and adoption related services. Every member receives a dedicated Care Expert to help them choose the right fertility clinic, agency or treatment and offer emotional support through the different processes. 

With our end-to-end experience for employees, we want to empower them to educate themselves on their different options to start a family, help them find the right facility, and maximise their budget. 

As a B2B2C service company, we offer two personalised platforms: a) the Customer Dashboard for the employer and b) the Member Portal for the employees.

The Customer Dashboard is the access point for the customer and their HR team and allows easy employee management and monthly reporting based on member engagement, utilised budget and monthly invoice amount.

The Member Portal is the core of the Apryl solution and will be accessible to all eligible employees. It gives them access to different topics tailored to their individual needs and interests around fertility and family forming options. Here, members will also be able to book a consultation with the Apryl Care Team, manage their budget and handle reimbursements. The usage of the Member Portal is anonymous. Members have to register using their corporate email address but the employer will never receive any information on who signed up and what they’re interested in.

The content we provide in our member portal is developed by international fertility experts (i.e. a certified andrologist). We combine deep, expert knowledge combined with an easy-to-understand, approachable language, ensuring that everyone finds the answers they are looking for. 
We are constantly striving to focus on regulatory compliance, but also on building internal processes to capture changes and respond accordingly. Our Member Experience team therefore monitors various country specific regulatory websites and reports and regularly checks whether changes are taking place. As a result, we are able to adapt quickly when regulatory changes, geopolitical forces, innovations, and market disruptions require it. 

Employees can go to any clinic which is licensed or accredited in their country of employment. We don’t want to limit them but rather help them to find the clinic that best fits their needs. Our database lists more than 1.800 clinics in 40 countries all over the EMEA region. 

The final decision on which clinic to go to is made by the patients themselves. However, we do make a suggestion based on the details provided by your employee during the initial consultation. We know that everyone is different and has their personal needs and preferences, which is why getting to know each member is critical for our service model. With the help of the Care Expert, the member is asked a series of questions to identify the key factors in what would make the process as easy as possible for them. Questions such as whether they prefer a male or female doctor or how far they are willing to travel helps us match them to the best-fitting provider in our database. Thanks to this clinic database, we are able to give insights into the clinic’s specialties, so the member will have an all-encompassing overview on which clinic would be suitable for them. We also continuously add first hand patient experiences to the database to get the most accurate picture of each facility.

The reimbursement process can differ according to how Apryl is integrated at your company. After the treatment or adoption/surrogacy process has been concluded, most members will receive an invoice directly from the clinic or service provider. That’s why, ideally, the employer provides their employees with a certain virtual budget which can be used towards treatments or services (e.g. 10.000€). Through our Member Portal, the member can easily check their available budget and manage the reimbursement process. Members can upload their invoices, which Apryl will then check and make sure that a) there’s no fraud (correct name, clinic exists), b) the treatment is legal in the country of employment and c) available statutory funding will be used before any employer-funded budgets are utilised. This process is completely anonymous and no treatment details will be shared with the employer so every member knows their privacy is protected. 

As with fertility journeys, there is no one-size-fits-all for fertility benefit packages. That is why we offer our service tailored to your individual needs. Among other factors, the rate is influenced by the number of employees you are planning to support or the treatments and costs you intend to cover. We are more than happy to calculate an individual rate for you, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We work with accredited clinics, agencies and providers in the EMEA region to ensure the very best for your people. The list of regions we are operating in is continuously growing and we are happy to discuss the possibility of adding new countries based on your needs.

Apryl is the UK’s and Europe’s leading fertility benefits company, connecting employees to experts, clinics and treatments on one inclusive platform. By activating the Apryl benefit for your employees, you can make sure to support all paths to parenthood, no matter your employees’ gender, financial status, sexual orientation or personal situation. With Apryl, you can provide emotional, informative and financial assistance no matter where your employees are at in their family-forming journey. Data shows that almost 50% of women with an academic background do not have kids at age 35. Half of them stay childless. Research furthermore shows that fertility benefits can help you retain employees, since many people going through fertility treatments feel unsupported by their workplace and would consider changing their employer if another company was to offer fertility benefits(1). With us, employees can talk to experts, access leading clinics and get subsidised fertility treatments – allowing them to feel supported and thrive in the workplace. 

(1) HR News (2022)  

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