Dear employee,

We appreciate your interest in the “Apryl Benefits”, provided by Apryl GmbH, (Dircksenstr. 47, 10178 Berlin, phone: +49 30 20994700, e-mail:, hereinafter “Apryl”). For more information on what these services include, please refer to the “Members Guide” and Apryl’s General Terms and Conditions at

In the following, we will inform you about how we, your employer, and Apryl jointly process your and your partner’s personal data in a so-called joint controllership under data protection law (Art. 26 GDPR).

1.1 Determination of eligible employees

If employees have given their consent, we will transmit the following personal data for the purpose of Apryl addressing and identifying the employees and to determine the scope of eligible services according to the law applicable in the respective country:

First names and surnames; business e-mail addresses; employee numbers; countries of employment for each eligible employee; amount of the respective budget (see 1.3); the information that each eligible employee is at least 18 years old; the information that each eligible employee works a certain minimum number of hours per week at our company; the employment start date for each eligible employee; and as soon as known: employment end date of the respective eligible employee.

1.2 Provision of Apryl Benefits

The personal data that is additionally collected and processed by Apryl for the purpose of providing the Apryl Benefits after your registration in the Members Portal is generally not disclosed to us. In particular, we, your employer, will not receive any information about third-party services used in the context of the Apryl Benefits in each case, any existing partnerships and/or any special personal data, such as health data or information on sexual orientation.

If you decide on a treatment for the planning of individual fertility and/or family forming or other services or products of a so-called Service Provider within the framework of Apryl Benefits, Apryl will transmit the data required for this to the respective Service Provider, who will, however, act in each case as an independent data controller in this regard.

1.3 Budget accounting and payment request

Eligible Members may be reimbursed for the cost of third-party services through their monthly salary in accordance with their applicable budget. For this purpose, Apryl will inform our company’s payroll department of the amount of the budget used, stating the Eligible Member’s respective employee number and/or the first and surname. 

1.4 Analysis of the Members Portal

Apryl will collect statistical data on the use of the Members Portal, which will be reported to us in aggregated form. However, no conclusions can be drawn about the individual employee and their partner. This includes, for example, the following information:

Number of registered employees, number of active employees, number of booked consultations, amount of budget used by all Eligible Members.  

For any questions regarding data protection in the context of Apryl Benefits, as well as for the assertion of your rights as a data subject affected by this data processing, Apryl is designated as a contact point and happy to assist you. You may also exercise your rights against us, your employer. However, we would like to point out that, in general, we will not be able to fulfill your rights due to the division of data processing operations described above and will therefore refer you to Apryl. 

For details on all data processing procedures related to Apryl Benefits, data subjects’ rights and the scope of personal data processed, please refer to