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Meet our Member Care & Clinic Relations Manager!

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Ever wondered what a consultation with our Member Care team looks like? Or are you curious about how we ensure privacy for all our clients? Because this time in ‘behind the scenes’ you will get a glimpse of the Member Care team! Together with Lisa Kapla – our Member Experience Manager – we will dive into her Apryl journey, what a Member consultation looks like and how Apryl always ensures the best clinic relations across Europe!! 

Meet Lisa

Lisa joined Apryl as one of the first employees back in 2020. With an extensive educational background varying in Art History and Russian law, she was not necessarily looking for a job as a Member Experiences Manager. However, there were a few factors about Apryl that made her apply regardless: ‘ When I graduated, during the midst of the pandemic, I was looking for an entry level job when I stumbled upon Apryl, and I was really intrigued by the mission’. Lisa continues to explain how she feels that oftentimes there is a lack of education on female health throughout society in general: “The idea of empowering women by educating them on their fertility seemed like such an important mission. Apryl took the opportunity to build a company dedicated to this cause. So I was thrilled to become a part of it.”’. Alongside her interest in the mission, Lisa also wanted to experience working for a young startup after having previously worked for big corporations.

As a Member Experience Manager, Lisa’s job is divided into two main sections: “My main tasks have been setting up the Member Care processes in order to be able to educate our Members on their family forming options and help them find the right providers for their needs, as well as communicating with clinics and agencies across Europe to guarantee high quality care for our Members”. Lisa emphasizes how important it is for Apryl to provide the best clinics for their Members: “To make sure our Members are in good hands, I am regularly in touch with clinic representatives, doctors and embryologists to understand what services they provide, what their specialities are and how they can help our Members the best possible way on their journey towards parenthood. All this information is stored in our extensive clinic database, which is updated on a regular basis’.  

A consultation with the Member Care Team

After Members browse through the Apryl Member Portal, they have the opportunity to schedule a consultation with the Member Care team. Lisa breaks down what a consultation with her looks like: ‘The goal of these consultations is to provide help finding out what kind of treatment or service is suitable for the individual Member’s case and to help them find the right provider for it. In the consultation, I find out what is important to the Member and what their situation is to then curate a list of clinics or providers matching their needs.

A lot of personal details can be shared during those sessions so Lisa shed some light on the privacy aspects: ‘We make sure that neither the Member’s employer nor anyone outside the Member Care team at Apryl accesses this information, by storing the information in a secure database. Everything said during a consultation is confidential and will not be communicated further to give our Members a safe space to open up.

Apart from ensuring privacy, the Member Care team also provides an environment in which Members feel comfortable to share their needs: ‘I think that one of my strengths is that I can have these intimate conversations in which people really can trust and confide in me about personal issues such as fertility struggles and know they are heard and understood without any judgement’.

What is the Member Care team currently missing?

In just two years, the Member Care team has managed to deliver high quality consultations as well as establishing strong clinic & agency relationships across Europe. However, because of the growing numbers of Apryl Members, we are looking forward to having more Care Experts in our team. Lisa highlights what it takes to be a good fit for the Care team: Not only do you need to have the ability to understand the topics around fertility and family forming well from a technical point, it is also crucial to be an empath and create a space where Members feel encouraged to open up and share their thoughts, wishes and struggles on their journey. Fertility and family forming plans are very intimate topics and they need to be approached with the appropriate sensitivity and understanding. Therefore, each Member has their dedicated Care Expert supporting them throughout the whole journey.

The best thing about the Apryl team

Lastly, we really wanted to know what Lisa enjoys the most about her job and she immediately mentioned the Apryl team! ‘ What’s really cool about the Apryl team is that you can sense everyone is on the same page and is standing behind Apryls values: Equity, diversity & inclusion. No matter who you are, no matter your gender, sexual orientation or marital status – you deserve to be seen and supported in fulfilling your wish to start a family..

Find out more about the Apryl team: Meet our senior product developer! If you’d also like to know more about our Apryl Member Portal, why not book a demo?

General advice posted on our blog or website or app is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Apryl makes no warranties regarding treatments, coverage, or chances of success.

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