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10 companies offering IVF and fertility benefits in Europe

Companies offering fertility benefits in Europe - Apryl
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Fertility benefits are the family planning perks that companies provide to their employees. These can include consultations and initial testing right through to IVF, surrogacy and egg freezing. They are a way for employers to promote inclusivity and diversity by supporting the 15% of the population who experience fertility issues and the LGBTQIA+ community who can’t necessarily become parents through conventional methods.

For employers, fertility benefits are a way to attract top talent and improve staff retention rates. For employees, they show that they are supported and valued, give them access to quality care and provide them with that all-important chance to start a family.

Here at Apryl, we have put together a list of ten trailblazing companies in the UK that are offering fertility benefits to their workforce.

Béa Fertility

Béa Fertility is a start-up whose aim is to revolutionise at-home insemination with affordable, evidence-based, clinical-grade fertility treatment.

Being based in the sector, they understand how difficult it can be to start a family and how important access to fertility treatment is for all. When asked why they included fertility benefits as part of their employment packages they said, “we want to support Béars to build the families of their dreams the way we support our users and we’re really proud to be working with Apryl to offer fertility benefits to the team so that they can access the care we believe all families deserve”.

Exakt Health

The sports injury treatment app Exakt Health has been designed to help individuals recover from injury faster by providing free access to tailored rehabilitation support.

The company was founded by Philip Billaudelle and Lucia Payo who said, “by implementing fertility benefits we want to send a strong signal to employees and talents. We stand for diversity and a supportive company culture.”


Lune is a software-based company that supports companies worldwide to create climate-positive user experiences and foster business growth by integrating emissions calculations and quality carbon removal.

Their website states that they are a force for good and seek to challenge the status quo, something which they are doing with their fertility benefits. They offer family planning and fertility benefits via Apryl to their team alongside comprehensive health insurance, remote working, and quarterly team get-togethers.


Offering 24/7 personalised support and access to medical professionals and treatments worldwide, Qunomedical adopts a patient-first approach to healthcare for the more than 6,500 people that use their services every month.

Its mission is to transform how patients access and experience healthcare globally, with a belief that healthcare should be affordable. They carry this ethos to the benefits they give their diverse team of employees. Alongside Apryl fertility benefits, they also offer flexible working and stock option packages.


PhantasmaLabs are a pioneering company that has created a platform that simulates complex human behaviour-based scenarios and uses the data to improve the safety of driverless vehicles.

When asked why they have chosen to incorporate Apryl’s fertility benefits into what they offer their employees, they said, “We are an innovative company, so we also want to offer our employees benefits that go beyond the standard offers.”


The music streaming service Spotify offers an unlimited fertility benefit. However, to access this benefit, employees must show that they are eligible for fertility treatment which can put non-heterosexual couples and single people at a disadvantage.

Aside from fertility benefits, Spotify also offers health and life insurance, including dental care and eye care, mental health support, fitness subsidies and stock purchase plans.


Centrica is a British-based, multinational energy and services company that trades under such names as British Gas, Scottish Gas and Bord Gáis Energy. Their healthcare plans include reproductive health and fertility benefits.

Their 18,500 employees have access to discounted treatments including IVF, IUI, frozen embryo transfers, egg and sperm freezing, and donor cycles. In addition, employees can also have free appointments with fertility advisors and get menopause support consultations.

The company also has a specific Centrica Fertility Group, which is chaired by Hortense Thorpe. Centrica explains that the group “is an informal community where colleagues can find support when trying to conceive or build a family”. Their aim is “to make Centrica a great place to grow families as well as careers.


In 2018, Hubspot, the CRM, marketing and sales platform, introduced fertility coverage which subsidises voluntary egg harvesting and freezing for women over the age of 32.

In addition to this, they have a Family@Hubspot employee resource group which emphasises the importance of supporting parents in the workplace. The group organises a Bring Your Kids To Work Day and has an active Slack channel where members can seek and share advice, information and details about their lives. The company also offers flexible hours and unlimited holidays.


The payment processing and financial services company Stripe provides an inclusive set of benefits for all its staff, including fertility benefits. Their fertility benefits are said to reimburse up to 80% of costs, for up to $10,000 annually or $20,000 overall.

Alongside their fertility benefits, they also offer mental, physical, and medical health plans, life insurance and free food and drink at their offices.


The Natwest Group, which is a well-known banking organisation in the UK offers its 59,000 employees, including same-sex couples, discounts for fertility treatments. These discounts cover IVF, sperm freezing and donor treatments, with discounts ranging from 5-20%.

These discounts are backed by an employee-led fertility and loss support network which provides information and expertise on a range of treatments and raises awareness of family planning issues and situations such as infertility, miscarriage, adoption, and surrogacy.

Want to see your company on this list? Get in touch with our team today for an informal chat about how fertility benefits can benefit you and your employees.

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