Time off work for the adoption process

When most people think of parental leave, it’s understandable if their mind instantly goes to a heterosexual couple eagerly awaiting their new arrival as a result of a conventional pregnancy. […]

How to become an adoption friendly workplace

how to become an adoption friendly workplace Apryl

The traditional route to parenthood is relatively well catered for in the workplace. Maternity benefits and flexible working policies are usually straightforward and well known. However, support for employees going […]

Should you tell your employer about IVF?

Telling your Employer about IVF | Apryl Fertility Benefits

Juggling work and your personal life can be tough and that’s without adding IVF into the mix. When you have to make time for appointments, blood tests, follow-ups and admin, […]

Emerging trends in employee benefits in 2022

employee benefit trends Apryl

As we tip into the second half of 2022, it’s safe to say that the world of work has changed dramatically. In fact, many organisations have focused on embedding changes […]