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Apryl Teams Up with Clue to Enhance Fertility Benefits

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We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Clue, a leading period tracking app. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our mission to provide comprehensive fertility and family planning benefits. Here’s why we are partnering and what this means for our vision moving forward.

Why Partner with Clue?

Clue is much more than a period tracker; it’s a comprehensive tool that offers accurate cycle predictions and personalized insights into your mental, physical, and hormonal well-being. Whether you’re trying to conceive, navigating perimenopause, or simply understanding your body’s patterns, Clue supports every phase of your reproductive journey. Through our partnership, Apryl aims to equip individuals with powerful tools for monitoring their fertility, enhancing our core commitment to effective family planning.

Exclusive Benefits for Apryl Members

Apryl members can now enjoy an exclusive discount on the annual Clue Plus subscription. This partnership offers:

  • Clue Period Tracking Plus: Dive deep into your cycle with advanced predictions and detailed visualizations to identify trends. Track over 100 unique experiences to uncover connections between your body, mind, and hormones.
  • Clue Conceive: Boost your chances of conception with daily fertility predictions, eliminating the need for temperature checks or urine tests. Access expert advice and tips on the science of conception.
  • Clue Pregnancy: Experience guided pregnancy tracking with weekly updates and advice from certified medical professionals, tracking various pregnancy-related experiences.
  • Clue Perimenopause: Manage the transition to menopause with specific tracking options and articles designed to support you during this phase.
  • Clue Connect: Share your cycle information with a partner, enhancing communication about PMS, menopause symptoms, or decisions like trying to conceive.

By accessing these enhanced features, our members can deepen their understanding of their reproductive health, significantly benefiting their family planning strategies.

Impact on Our Vision

Our vision at Apryl is to revolutionize the workplace by making fertility and family planning benefits universally accessible and inclusive. We believe that supporting employees in their personal life goals leads to enhanced job satisfaction and retention. This partnership with Clue enables us to provide a more rounded suite of resources that supports this vision. Employers can now also offer these enriched benefits as part of their reimbursable budget.

Looking Ahead

The integration of Clue’s services into our platform is just the beginning. We are committed to continuously expanding our offerings to meet the diverse needs of our members across the globe. As we expand into new regions, we will keep enhancing our platform with services and partnerships that support the varying needs of our users.

We believe this partnership is a milestone in our journey to redefine fertility and family planning benefits. By joining forces with Clue, we are one step closer to building a more inclusive and supportive workplace environment around the world. Stay tuned for more updates as we forge ahead in making fertility health a priority in the workplace. 

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