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Apryl expands advisory team with experienced HR leaders

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We are thrilled to announce that we have added two rock star HR executives, Noor van Boven and Anna Brandt, to our advisory team! Noor and Anna belong to the most well-respected HR leaders in the European tech space and with their new venture INVESTED are now focussing on growing sustainable businesses with real impact. Noor has over 15 years of experience in international Human Resources, specifically building, scaling and transforming organizations. Before joining N26 as Chief People Officer, Noor was the VP People at SoundCloud and worked as an HR leader and professional for several international tech companies. Anna has led large international recruitment teams at a wide range of recognized employers: Uber, N26, Zalando, Mollie, and TomTom. Not only does she understand the complexity of planning and managing hyper-growth, she knows how to build and develop a high performing recruitment function.

»We are convinced that offering inclusive benefits will be a key driver for every employer to build an inclusive culture. Apryl is the trusted partner for employers when offering fertility benefits, an essential part of an inclusive benefits package.« Anna & Noor, Co-founder of Invested

Noor & Anna are experienced board members and advisors to founders. With them, we’re excited to make fertility services accessible to everyone by bringing inclusive benefits to modern companies.

»Adding Anna and Noor to our advisory team comes at a perfect time and will tremendously accelerate our position in becoming a market leader in the fertility benefits space in Europe. It’s also a huge vote of confidence for Apryl to be adding such top-notch leaders.« Jenny & Tobi, Co-founder of Apryl

Find out more about the benefits that offering fertility support in the workplace can bring. 


INVESTED is a boutique venture consultancy focused on accelerating sustainable growth of businesses. It acts as business mentor/advisor to the founding team and connector to potential clients and investors. As consultant it provides defined support to a people, leadership or organisational scaling challenge. As Venture Partner, it works with a small selection of VC’s to support their investments. This includes advice and consultancy for their ventures, creating network opportunities and providing introductions for potential future investments.

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