About Apryl

The European
Fertility Benefits

Apryl founders
Jenny Saft & Tobias Kaufhold

About Apryl

We are the top fertility benefits provider in the UK and Europe, helping employers to attract & retain talent while tackling diversity & inclusion.

With Apryl, you can support your employees with fertility and family planning benefits – including consultations, access to clinics, and treatments such as egg freezing and IVF, or adoption – subsidised by the company, but safe and confidential.

We educate your employees, so they understand their options – a position that empowers them to be proactive rather than reactive.

And we believe that everyone should have the same chances to become a parent – no matter the age, gender, sexual orientation, relationship status or financial means.

Our Values

We take initiative to create impact

We believe that every single one of us is responsible for creating the change that we want to see in the world. This requires commitment, dedication and accountability so we can build products and services that really matter.

We are stronger together

We believe that relationships are key to our success, both in- and outside of our company. We help each other to learn and succeed and we see our customers as partners.

We talk straight but with compassion

We believe that a direct and open communication is helping everyone to build trust and achieve impact faster. That means we are direct on the topic but kind on the person.

We are humble and bold

We believe that we’re not on this planet to follow paths that have been walked before – we go our own way and dare to question the status quo. It’s ok to try and make mistakes as long as we learn from them.

Our Team

Jenny Saft


Tobias Kaufhold


My Le

People & Finance

Konrad Abraham


Adrian Haack

Founders Associate

Rosa Ramirez

Member Experience

Cesar Lopez


Lisa Kapla

Member Experience

Phil Sproston

Business Development

Ida Zajac

Member Experience

Amir Off


Vijay Tak


Yamini Punetha


Pavel Sofroniev


Charlotte Werndl

Founders Associate



Our Investors and Advisors

Shefali Roy

Investor I Former COO at Truelayer & Chief Compliance Officer at Stripe

Martin Varsavsky

Founder Prelude Fertility & Gameto, CEO of Overture

Noor van Boven

Founder of Invested I Former CHRO at N26 & Soundcloud

Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss

Founder & CEO at Dance I Founder SoundCloud

Georgie Smallwood

Chief Product Officer at TIER Mobility

Alexander Ljung

Founder & Chairman at Dance I Founder SoundCloud

Anna Brandt

Founder of Invested I Former Head of TA at Uber & Zalando

Bjoern von Siemens
Founder, CBO of Caresyntax | Healthcare Investor
Dr. Jeanette zu Fürstenberg
Founding Partner at La Famiglia VC
Dr. Sophie Chung
Founder of Qunomedical
Bonnie Kraus
Crane Venture Partners
And many more…

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Media Coverage

Trends to watch in femtech in 2022 and beyond

January 2022

More companies offer fertility benefits. It’s only the beginning.

December 2021


Apryl just raised $4.4 million to scale its family-planning platform as a workplace perk.

April 2022

Media Kit

Our press kit includes Apryl logos, infos and pictures of Apryls founder team.

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