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Fertility benefits for your modern workforce

We support companies, enhancing your talent strategy and helping you be a diverse, inclusive and motivating family-friendly employer.

Fertility benefits for your modern workforce

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Your employees’ one-stop shop for fertility care

We go beyond information and advice. We help families navigate seamlessly through their journeys.

IVF consultation and treatments

IVF consultation & treatments

Assisted reproductive treatments encompass a range of medical procedures and are tailored to each patient’s medical conditions. They can include In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), where eggs are fertilised outside the body and then implanted in the uterus; Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), involving the direct insertion of sperm into the uterus; or hormone therapy to enhance fertility.

The leading reproductive health platform to support your entire workforce on their path to parenthood

What we do for your employees

Apryl offers an inclusive platform that connects your team with top fertility experts, clinics, and treatments. Through our confidential Member Portal, we provide support that is accessible to everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or relationship status, ensuring all your employees have the resources they need for their fertility journey.

What we do for your employees

What we do for companies

Apryl supports you every step of the way: ready-to-use launch communication for ease of implementation, user-friendly employee management tailored to your specific needs, anonymised reporting and insights ensuring both simplicity and efficiency in handling sensitive information.

What we do for companies
Clinics to choose from

Think global. Act local.

With Apryl you can support your employees wherever they are – be it in Europe, Asia, or Australia. Apryl's services transcend borders, ensuring your team members around the world receive the support they need.

Think global. Act local.

Better reproductive care can't wait


Of the population experiences infertility


Infertility doesn’t recognise genders; it affects men and women equally


Leading companies trust Apryl

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What our clients think of us

"As a company dedicated to creating better access to fertility care, providing fertility care benefits through Apryl was an easy decision – and honestly, every company should do it. The team at Apryl are dedicated, diligent and supportive, and my team really appreciates being able to access the guidance they provide."

Tess Isabelle Cosad, béa fertility

A quick take with our founders

“Apryl was born out of our own experiences of fertility and parenthood. We understand first-hand how challenging starting a family can be, and the impact it has on the workplace. It’s for this reason we enable companies to empower their employees on the path to parenthood.”

Jenny and Tobias, Founders of Apryl
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Your workforce. Our expertise.

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